Why I’m Teaching an Online Paper Flower Workshop

In case you missed the news in my newsletter and social media, I launched my first online paper flower workshop last month! Since last year I’ve been looking at ways to make my London paper flower workshops more accessible to people wherever they live in the world and an online class seemed the best way to start. My first class is on the much- loved Peony flower. I thought I would give a little background as to why I’ve started to teach online.

online paper flower workshop peony flower



– It’s much requested.

I get asked by people frequently for online classes, especially if they live outside the U.K. Tutorials can be great, but seeing a flower being made and talked through in depth can really help you to learn more easily and absorb what’s happening. There are often many steps to making a paper flower and there’s nothing more frustrating than an important photo or instruction not being included or explained in a tutorial, leaving you wondering what it is you need to do next.

– I can teach more than a regular workshop.

My regular in- person London classes tend to be around 2- 2 1/2 hours which usually allows for one flower to be made in that time. It would be lovely to be able to teach longer, advanced classes, but it’s not usually possible. By teaching online paper flower workshops I can include extras that time doesn’t usually allow- how to make a bud, how to make the centre carpels and how to make a detailed leaf. All these things would take additional hours to teach in a usual class that I aren’t able to stretch to, but these have been included in my online Peony class. There’s no limitations at all as to what I can teach and how much content and value I can pass on to students by teaching online.

– I feel experienced enough.

I’ve been teaching workshops now for over 2 1/2 years and feel confident that I know what people struggle with when they’re making and how I can help them. I’ve watched students making flowers again and again, answered their questions, listened to their concerns and assisted them with making their flowers. This has all helped me to put together the best class possible.

– Teaching workshops in- person is time consuming.

Teaching paper flower workshops in person is time consuming! Designing the flower, getting a great photo, booking a venue, selling the tickets, writing the class material, customer service, purchasing the materials, preparing the materials, and then finally travelling to the venue and teaching the class, then travelling back afterwards. So much time! Once the online class is completed, it’s there for everyone to enjoy straight away, there’s no waiting for the workshop date. I do intend to carry on with my London workshops, but teaching online might give me more freedom as to which workshops I choose to teach in the future.

I need time to develop my work.

I’ve also been finding it hard to find the hours to push my work forward, make things just for me and to improve. Teaching online will hopefully give me income and time to make better work. I have so many ideas in my head at the moment that I just don’t have time to get to. I’m hoping teaching online will help to ease the pressure and allow me to be at my desk making flowers more and at the same time developing new ideas for classes.

Thank you so much to everyone who has enrolled in the class already and offered support for this over the last couple of months. You can view details of the class over on Teachable here.