Paper Hydrangeas for London Design Festival with Quill London

As part of London Design Festival 2016 I installed paper Hydrangeas in the window of stationers Quill London, which were on show from the 17th- 25th September. In total I made 1700 tiny hydrangea flowers in just over two weeks. Visitors to the installation could also learn to make a flower themselves and add it to the display.

London Design Festival Paper Hydrangea for Quill London


paper hydrangea flowers by A Petal Unfolds

paper hydrangea London Design Festival

Quill London window display hydrangea

A huge thank you to Quill for inviting me to be part of their London Design Festival event.


  1. janet says:

    Hello Susan, I am so happy to have found your blog! I first came across you on Instagram and found your blog via Bettina’s blog:-)
    Your work is incredible and I wish you every success with your ventures!

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