Paper Craft by DK Books

DK Paper Craft Book Cover

Last March I was lucky to be contacted by the publishers Dorling Kindersley with regards to contributing DIY tutorials to their new book ‘Paper Craft’.

At first they commissioned me on two tutorials- Ranunculus and Cherry Blossom. This was later followed by a further 7 projects- Daisy, Anemone, Daffodil, Peony, Ranunculus Buttonhole, Flower Wreath and Flower Crown. I definitely had my hands full! I was asked to make the final pieces and to make sure that each step in the tutorial was also made up so that when the project was photographed I wouldn’t have to spend lengthy amounts of time making.

papercraft dkbooks paper flowers
Paper Ranunculus Buttonholes- my favourite page
paper flowers paper daisy dkbooks
Paper Daisy

I attended 3 days of photo shoots just outside London and seeing my work photographed professionally by Dave King for the first time was really exciting. On each shoot there was also a hand model, who demonstrated the steps in the making process for the camera. I learnt so much about photography and styling during my time on these projects. As soon as I started photographing my work myself afterwards I could feel the influence of what I had learnt.

Paper Anemone Flowers DK Books

Congratulations to DK Books and to the other contributors and a special thank you to Sonia Moore at DK for being a great support throughout. There are 50 lovely projects included in the book ranging from paper cuts and quilling to origami.

Paper Craft has now been published and you can buy a copy of the book here


  1. Yuko Jones says:

    Congratulations Susan!
    This is a big accomplishment and your work is absolutely beautiful! I’m so glad they included so many of your pieces in the book. Now I simply must have it! Do you know if they sell copies in the US?
    xoxo Yuko

  2. Yuko Jones says:

    Yes I just looked it up on amazon and they have it! I’ve been wanted to take your workshop but unable to due to the distance. I’m so excited now I can learn from this book! xoxo

  3. Greeshma says:

    Love your work!! Is this book available for India…would really want to have it and learn these exquisite techniques that you use..

    • APetalUnfolds says:

      Thank you Greeshma! I will be honest I’m not entirely sure but I know DK Books has a presence in India so I would think so. Maybe you could have a look to see if it is stocked in bookshops and if not then maybe contact DK India direct? Hope you find it!

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