New Work with Oversized Paper Flowers, Martha Stewart & Blogtacular

I can’t believe how much time has flown since my last post on here. Updating this blog more regularly is definitely something I want to spend more time on. There has been a lot happening with A Petal Unfolds over the last few months as well as my Etsy shop being busy, and there are exciting projects in the pipeline too. I thought I would post a little round up today of some of the completed projects I’ve been working on with my paper flowers over the last few months and some of the new work I’ve been making.

Oversized Paper Flowers

I’ve been approached by numerous clients this year asking about oversized paper flowers as they were perfect for the events and displays they were getting together. I felt that I needed to start spending more time on producing flowers at a larger scale and rethinking techniques and constructions. I’ve made this a personal project for when I have a little free time which isn’t as often as I would like but I’m determined to build up a portfolio of these. I started by making an oversized version of my popular paper Peony flower and the flowerhead is about 35cm in diameter.Oversized paper flower by A Petal Unfolds UK

Later I added an open Ranunculus to join the Peony and I’m looking forward to adding more.

Oversized Paper Flowers by A Petal Unfolds UKMartha Stewart

I was so thrilled to be contacted by an editor at Martha Stewart Living earlier this year and seeing their email come through was a real shock. They wanted to post a feature on me and my work on their site along with a DIY paper flower garland tutorial from me. This has now gone live and you can see the feature here.

A big thank you to Alexandra Churchill at Martha Stewart for getting in touch with me and bringing everything together so well.


A couple of weeks ago I made paper flowers with guests at the Blogtacular Paper Maker’s Party at West Elm in London. I chose these simple paper primrose flowers as the project for the evening and they were very popular, there was barely a seat free at my table for the entire evening. I’m going to write a full post about this, as I attended the blogging conference the day after as well so this post will be coming up soon.

Paper Primrose Flowers by A Petal Unfolds


I’ve started using Snapchat over the last couple of months. It feels like a lot of creators have started to jump on there in a fearful response to the changes Instagram have been announcing lately. My username on there is APetalUnfolds and I tend to share behind the scene peeks at the paper flowers I’m making at my desk before I am ready to photograph them for Instagram. It’s great for more spontaneous images and it’s refreshing to not have to worry about follower numbers (people can’t see them on there) and taking the perfect photo like I can on Instagram. I also like to use it at workshops and events.

A couple of my favourite people to follow are StudioDIY and Jeff Mindell, who are Kelly from the Studio DIY blog and her husband Jeff. They use the app really well and share fun insights into their life in LA. I always look forward to their snaps.

I hope to see you on Snapchat!

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